The flute is in the woodwind family along with the clarinet and saxophone. The flute comes in 3 pieces and takes just a minute to assemble. When the flute is disassembled it fits in a small case and is easy to transport. It is the highest pitch instrument in most beginning bands and produces a smooth, round, and mellow tone.

What does the Flute sound like?

How to play the flute?

What does my child need to be successful at the Flute?

It is important that you provide your child with the proper materials to be successful. Just as you would provide shin guards to play soccer, a bat to play baseball, or pads to play football. When you provide these types of needed materials your child will have a better chance of being successful.

  • Care Kit (Includes items to clean the instrument properly after playing)
  • Music Stand (This ensures proper posture while practicing their music at home)
  • Case Tag
  • Private or Group Music Lessons

Is this the best instrument for my child?

Each instrument has its own unique challenges. We strongly recommend that the best instrument for your child to play is the one that they are most interested in. If a child is forced to play an instrument they will be less likely to succeed. If they get to play the instrument they are interested in they will be more likely to practice which will lead to a more successful and fulfilling musical experience.

The flute’s biggest challenge is to produce the first sound. In order to produce a note on the flute, the child will blow across the tone hole of the head joint. It is very similar to blowing across an empty water bottle. After the child produces their first sound they will then press different keys to produce notes. Each note has a unique combination of keys that produces a particular sound.

Should I rent or purchase?

When your child is just starting out we recommend that you rent a quality musical instrument. This gives you the flexibility to return the instrument if your child decides not to continue after 1 year. If you child decides to continue Bertrand’s Music offers a rent to own program in which all of your money applies towards the retail value of a brand new instrument. Bertrand’s Music offers teacher approved instruments with great rental benefits